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I never set out to write a book in my life. My background is in banking, and when I left that career, I became a full time dog walker. Writing in English does not come naturally to me, considering my ADD brain and that English is my third language!


That being said, I also live by the philosophy, “When in doubt, doubt the doubts.” I believed I had an important message to share with the universe, and that is what compelled me to write this book. I believe that once we’ve made up our mind about doing something, the right professionals will come to help make our dreams come true, and I have been so blessed to have some exceptional people on my team that have helped make this book a success. 

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This is Chapter Zero: the beginning before the beginning. 


Zero is the unknown, and it represents the fearless. Zero is zen. Today, right now, this moment is yours because every moment matters. May this be your Chapter Zero too; may it be a new beginning, a new day, a new era.


My intention for this book is symbolized by the wholeness, fullness, and roundness of zero. Zero is a symbol of completion. It is the origin, it represents the place you come from. It represents now-ness. The moment you are in is where you will find your bliss. 


So often, people look for fulfillment outside of the moment. If you do, you are fooling yourself. This is the only moment that matters. I too, used to look for a high from the next moment. Living in the moment was never enough for me. I was always searching for my next snack, my next lover, or my next adventure. However, when I discovered my life purpose of Sexy Brilliant, it became everything I have been searching for. 


What is Sexy Brilliant?


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