Devina Kaur is a creative entrepreneur, researcher, inspirational speaker, host of the Dear Devina radio show, and founder of the Sexy Brilliant™ Global Revolution.


She is the creator of The Sexy Brilliant™ Academy of online personal development courses that are based the K.A.U.R.™  Process. This is a practical application of a philosophy developed by Devina that teaches empowerment through self-knowledge, self-love and radical self-acceptance.

These courses are: 


Devina was named a Top 25 Canadian Immigrant of the Year in 2019 and is the winner of a REX Karamveer Award as a “Champion of Change.” Undoubtedly a humanitarian and philanthropist, she has volunteered most recently in India, Rwanda, and Guatemala.


A self-proclaimed accidental author, this full-time single mother is a yogi, a martial artist, and a lover of animals and people alike. Born and raised in a traditional Punjabi family in India, Devina now lives in Montréal, Canada. 


Learn more about Devina and her message of empowerment and leadership at www.SexyBrilliant.org 

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